Area Rug Cleaning

Lets take a rug wash tour. The recommended method for cleaning natural fiber is full immersion wet wash. Essentially what they need is a really good bath. That will remove dirt, bacteria, along with anything else from the kids & pets that you can do without.

Rugs have been woven for thousands of years and have been given baths in rivers for thousands of years. A rug taken down to the river and immersed in the cold water was the best way to flush everything out. Today we take this old world concept and add some new technology  to get the best results.

“A Car Wash For Rugs”, That’s how it has been described. When we at Healthy Clean wash the rugs.

First the rug is laid out and a cleaning solution is brushed or sprayed with pressure into the rug. All solutions are safe and non-toxic and most importantly appropriate and safe for the rug fibers.

The rug then goes through a series of soap and water rinses then is rung out and finally hung to dry with blowers to speed up the process. Once the rug is dried and brushed out, it is ready to be rolled in paper ready.

When the rug is delivered our crews will unwrap the rugs for your inspection carefully laying them back in place. Along with the furniture that was moved.