Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet Cleaning Method

According to thegreenlivingexpert : The best carpet cleaning methods are using natural carpet cleaning products which are also safe for the environment. They eliminate stains and odors from the carpet effectively.

This is 100% correct. The best carpet cleaning method will always be the all natural approach. Organic cleaning products reduces the amount of chemicals that your family ingests. Organic cleaning products tend to leave less soap in your carpets. Lastly, the overall existence of organic cleaning products is better for the environment as a whole. There is no doubt that organic cleaning products are the best option when choosing to clean your carpets.


Less Chemicals

The choosing the organic carpet cleaning method you area choosing to bring less chemicals into your home or business. The less chemicals that you interact with on a daily basis the better. According to an LATimes article: A Combination of Safe Chemicals May Increase Cancer Risk.

“Many [chemicals] have the possibility, when they are combined, to cause the initiation of cancer,” said Hemad Yasaei, a cancer biologist at Brunel University in England, one of the authors of the report. “They could have a synergistic or enhanced effect.”

I think that it would be best to cut out chemicals from your cleaning processes. Get your carpets cleaned by an all natural company, use water and vinegar instead of windex or any other surface cleaner, etc.


Less Soap

Many carpet cleaners will use tons of soap to make your carpets look cleaners while they are really just hiding the dirt. If you have a lightly colored carpet then soap will hid the dirt and stains for the time being but it will absolutely come back and look even worse in the long run. Soap is sticky, it sticks to dirt which helps take the dirt out of the carpet fibers. If you leave soap in the carpet however, it will attract more dirt over time. At first the stain will look lighter but eventually the accumulation of dirt being attracted by the soap will make the spot much darker.

With the natural cleaning approach we use much less cleaning products to get your carpets cleaned. We rely on the heat and power from our cleaning machine. Steaming hot water kills every living organism in your carpets while our powerful vacuum sucks it all back up instantly. We leave almost zero soap in your carpets, the soap that may get left behind is 100% organic and won’t harm anything.


Better for the Environment

As I just read on, Chemical Manufacturing is a Top 10 Toxic Pollution Problem. During the production of even the most basic chemicals, dangerous by-products and waste is often generated. You may not think the generic cleaning product that has been in production for decades is harmful to the environment but chemical manufacturing is the largest form of pollution worldwide.

The cleaning product that we use Code: Green, is made from the essential oil extracts of orange peels. CleanCraft, the company that produces this cleaner, harnesses the stickiness from orange peels to stick to dirt, much like soap.

Healthy Clean Inc.

So, if you’re in the New York area call Healthy Clean for all your cleaning needs. If you are in a different area please do your research and get an organic cleaner.