Area Rug Cleaning

Healthy Clean was started in Manhattan 25+ years ago, at one point the vast majority of our work was high end Manhattan area rug cleaning. We continue that tradition today with additional years of experience and knowledge.
Area rug cleaning can not be preformed the same way general synthetic carpet cleaning can be. When cleaning general synthetic wall-to-wall fiber carpets it is appropriate to use 210º hot water at 500 PSI of pressure because the synthetic wall-to-wall carpets are made to be cleaned! They are engineered and produced with the intent of being abused and cleaned. Natural fiber area rugs are made to be beautiful pieces of art. The durability of most high end area rugs is an afterthought to most designers. Area rug cleaning should be done with warm water, about 160º and moderate pressure, about 300 PSI.

We understand what goes into getting your wool area rug as clean as humanly possible.

Below is the our process in detail:

1. Use a rake to loosen up and remove hair and lint.
2. Apply organic area rug cleaning product to rug.
3. Rake in cleaning product gently. Remove more hair and lint.
4. Extract rug with warm water. Remove dirt, stains and soil.
5. Give extra attention to stains with safe spotters.
6. Repeat any of the previous steps if necessary.
7. Vacuum Rug to remove water and speed up drying process.

Area Rug Cleaning
Wool Area Rug Hallway Runner


Area Rug Cleaning
Large Wool Area Rug in Dining Room