Carpet Cleaning in New York

Carpet Cleaning New York

Healthy Clean offers the best Carpet Cleaning in New York. We use the safest cleaning products without giving up any cosmetic quality. Your carpets will be clean, fresh, & inviting. Let our 30+ years of Carpet Cleaning experience go to work for you. Our brand new, state of the carpet cleaning art, truck mounted machine will blast way the dirt with the just right amount of heat, water pressure, & suction for your carpet.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Over the years we have developed certain process that we follow in order to clean your carpets to the best of our abilities.

First we put down a pre-spray of organic soap and agitate the carpet with a special carpet rake. This step gets the soap to interact with the dirt which will make the dirt much easier to pull up.

carpet cleaning in New York

Second we rinse out the carpet with a steaming hot water. Hot water lifts the carpet fibers up and allows for dirt and soil to be removed much more freely. The hot water gets deep into the fibers of the carpet and lifts away dirt & stains. We are sure to treat any stains or high traffic areas with extra attention.

Carpet Cleaning in New York

Third we vacuum the cleaned area, using no liquid. This step helps pick up some of the previously used moisture and will help dry out your carpet much sooner.

Finally an industrial fan is put on your carpet to help dry. We want your carpet to be as dry as possible when we leave so you can get on with your life.

If you ever have any questions about our carpet cleaning process, please feel free to call Joe or Greg at 845-228-0324.

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Carpet Cleaning in New York