Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Healthy Clean offers Commercial Carpet Cleaning to a variety of different businesses. We clean the carpets of restaurants, real estate offices, banquet halls, law offices, show rooms, a public library, public school, day care facility, many doctor’s offices, accountant offices etc. If you have a carpet at your place of work we can clean it!

It is important to know the differences between the types of carpets that you are going to encounter and the types of stains that are in these carpets. For example, restaurants often have different carpets than a chiropractors office, they also have different stains. A restaurant will have grease stains, heavy traffic lanes between tables, food spills and overall soil. A Chiropractors office will only have some traffic ares and overall soil, but much less of both because many fewer people will be walking on their carpet.

Freshly cleaned Keller Williams Realty, White Plains NY
For the Restaurant it is important to use a cleaning product with a safe and healthy degreaser when cleaning the carpets. We would also use a scrub machine to help the soap mix with the soil so that we are able to rinse the carpet clean much easier. With a chiropractors office we would use our normal organic cleaner and simply give extra attention the the traffic lanes.

Rockefeller Mansion guest room, Tarrytown NY.
Just as important to getting the carpets clean and looking great is keeping your workplace healthy. We have many clients who use our services regularly to keep their offices fresh and dust free. Check out this article by ‘Living and Lifestyles’ on why it is important to keep your office clean.