Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning

Choose Healthy Clean for your Commercial Office Cleaning needs! You have business to conduct, let us worry about keeping your office clean. We are professional, flexible, honest, and ready to help!

Commercial office cleaning

When you need a professional to clean up your office from head to toe (carpet to ceiling) you can trust Healthy Clean. We provide various commercial office cleaning services including: Weekly dusting, vacuuming, kitchen & bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, etc. As for maintenance type of cleaning, we provide: vinyl composition tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fabric protection, outdoor power washing, move-in cleaning, post construction cleaning.

If you can think of a cleaning job that we haven’t listed above, give us a call at 845-228-0324 and we can take care of that too.

Check out this blog about why it is important to keep your workspace clean. The 6 main reasons are:

1.Clean, dry floors to prevent slips and falls.

Trust professionals to clean your floors. Slip and falls lead to employees missing work, or potentially worse . .

2.Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illness, including the flu.

Reduce employee sickness with top notch office cleaning in the winter months. The healthier your employees are, the more money they make for the company!

3.Proper air filtration lowers employee exposure to hazardous substances.

Again, think of your employee health, not just in the short run but the long run as well. You don’t want your employees breathing in hazardous substances over a long period of time.

4.Clean light fixtures improve lighting efficiency.

Reduce the eye strain for your employees in the office. We spend all day looking at the computer and paper, efficient lighting can make things easier on us.

5.Green cleaning products are safer for both your employees and the environment.

Healthy Clean uses great clean products for all our cleaning services. We are conscious of the healthy of our customers and employees, who work with cleaning products every day.

6. Proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps work areas clutter-free.

Stay organized and clutter free! We will dispose of your unneeded office materials on a regular basis to keep things running smooth!